Written by Amandeep Saini, iXperience '14 (Coding), Princeton University

It is said that much of the learning happens outside of the classroom. That’s true, but so much happens within.

Walking in everyday with a smile. Walking out with an even bigger one. I did not just feel educated. I felt inspired. I felt empowered. I felt like a coder ready to take on his next challenge.

The lectures at iX were truly unique. They did not even feel like lectures. Rather, they felt like talks. The excitement with which our professor, Salman, taught was infectious. I could not help but become as thrilled about learning as he was about teaching. There was no such thing as a dull moment in the iX lecture room. Lectures were humorous, informative, and interesting.  And the speed at which we learned was amazing. From “hello world” to my own, customized website, in just 4 days!

Another dynamic of the class that stood out was the motivation of my fellow students. It was incredible. Each and every single one of them was amongst those seats because he or she had a passion to learn how to code. If they didn’t, then they wouldn’t be there. And there is something so empowering about being surrounded by talented and driven people that makes you want to excel as well. The atmosphere was truly overwhelming, in the best of ways.

Lectures were only a few hours, but the learning was day-round. The professor was not just there for his teaching slot. He stayed with us, often late into the night, helping us, guiding us, and of course, debugging our programs. He related with our frustration, understood our confusion, and participated in our excitement. And alongside him was his trusty teacher’s assistant, Rafi, who possessed the same great qualities as Salman, and was always incredibly helpful, funny, and witty with puns. And with those two there, it was always a joy to go to class.

In the iX classroom, I didn’t just learn how to code— I learned how enjoyable learning can actually be.

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